What drives us

Our Roots

Our beginnings were humble

We started trading in the early eighties, since then our commitment and dedication to excellence remain the same. Local market conditions as well as positive management ambitions have allowed Tip Top to become the vertically integrated manufacturing business it is today.   

Our drive was never to achieve high turnover or income but rather an ever present hunger to trade, manufacture and supply a brand of quality products, which thus far had been reserved purely for international markets. It was our disillusionment with the dilapidated quality of import garments to Sri Lanka that drove us to begin this quest. This journey we believe is only half fulfilled, as an on-going process, we tirelessly work towards bettering every standard constantly.

We at Tip Top make quality products of international standard affordable in Sri Lanka.


Board of Directors

Ameen Bhaila1

Ameen Bhaila

staff-1-750x750 (2)

Yaseen Bhaila

Managing Director/ CEO

Shoaib Bhaila

Head of Change and Operations/ Director
staff-1-750x750 (1)

Kamraan Bhaila

Chief of Strategy/ Director


We build relationships!

Our precedence is in building relationships over making money. We strive to be of positive value to human beings from staff to customer. Constantly innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Under promise/Over deliver.       


Operate on principles of highest integrity and ethical practices.


To create a range of high quality products available to everyone island-wide at the best possible prices, without ever compromising on standards.


Communicate and synergise with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders on our business chain, to lift ourselves and those around us for overall benefit of the industry.


CSR Projects

What Can We Do To Provide Your Business

In our quest for excellence we have not forgotten mother earth and the importance of adhering to environmental standards and best practices necessary to manage a clean, healthy and content organisation.

We conduct many community projects in inner city Colombo as well as in the suburbs where our factories are located. Though we are involved heavily in projects to help our community and it is important to educate the wider public about our CSR endeavours, we do not believe in garnering publicity or advertising our CSR efforts as a marketing tool in order to bring attention to our organisation.


Our Mission and Vision


We are an ever growing company, happy to invest in new and improved innovations that have helped us to constantly evolve our business and every process in it. It is for this very reason that we regularly talk to our customers, eager for their feedback in order to add and amend our product range.


Our model is that of sustainability, hence we are always planting seeds to see benefits in the long term future. Though there is a constant demand in our field of expertise, we see immense potential in the local market as well as overseas for products with the high standard of quality that we insist upon and supply, especially at the competitive rates offered by us. We also maintain a large pool of sister products that we can mirror our processes to manufacture