INTERNATIONAL International TIP TOP VIEW MORE A large-scale trading business which owns and sells products
of the brand “Comfy” along with being the largest wholesaler
of sarongs in the country.
WEAR Wear TIP TOP VIEW MORE Largest innerwear producer solely for the Sri Lankan market.
It supplies vests and underwear to all the leading retailers in
the country.
TEXTILE Textile Mills TIP TOP A small scale weaving plant which manufactures Towels
and Bedsheets for the local Sri Lankan market.
GLASS Glass TIP TOP Manufacturers, importers and distributors of mirrors,
float glass, tinted and reflective glasses.
PACKAGING Packaging TIP TOP A small scale production of higher quality paper and
plastic cups, plates and straws. Its products reach
cafe’s, restaurants and hotels.

What Drives us

Our beginnings were humble

As a trading business that began in the early eighties, our commitment and dedication to excellence, local market conditions as well as positive management ambitions have allowed Tip Top to become the vertically integrated manufacturing business it is today.   

Our services

What We Do


Established in 1981

Our group has garnered expertise in importing raw materials, finished product, packing material and anything between. We are a vertically integrated organization.

Starting from the cotton fields in India where our farmers harvest and send it raw to our partner for processing at their mills. Processed cotton is then sent to our finishing plants, before being shipped to Sri Lanka. Our local offices manage the clearing and bank related aspects followed by transportation to our factories.

We manufacture a host of product which then leads to our network of wholesalers and retailers. Multiple aspects are managed to ensure the result of high quality Sri Lankan products.

Supply chain


Introduction to our Specialization

Daily Innerwear Production Capacity
Locally Manufactured Products Sold Annually
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